Traffic and Granular Flow

The international conference on Traffic and Granular Flow (TGF) brings together researchers from several fields (ranging from physics to computer science and engineering) to discuss about the latest developments in the science of a variety of dynamic collective systems.

Originally conceived after the similar phenomenology found in a traffic and granular flow, the connections between these topics are attracting the attention of numerous research groups more than ever. At the same time, the TGF conference pays attention to emergent subjects such as self-propelled particles, data transport, swarm behavior, intercellular transport, and collective dynamics of biological systems.

Events from this conference series:

  1. Jülich, Germany (1995): proceedings
  2. Duisburg, Germany (1997): proceedings
  3. Stuttgart, Germany (1999): proceedings
  4. Nagoya, Japan (2001): proceedings
  5. Delft, the Netherlands (2003): proceedings
  6. Berlin, Germany (2005): proceedings
  7. Paris, France (2007): proceedings
  8. Shanghai, China (2009): proceedings
  9. Moscow, Russia (2011): proceedings
  10. Jülich, Germany (2013): proceedings
  11. Delft, the Netherlands (2015): proceedings
  12. Washington, US (2017): proceedings
  13. Pamplona, Spain (2019): proceedings
  14. Delhi, India (2022): proceedings
  15. Lyon, France (2024)

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